The Ingredients of IOSA

Since 1966, IOSA has been a leader in the research, development, production and commercialization of highly bioavailable carotenoids from natural sources. Through hard work, passion and dedication, we’ve been able to acquire many unique patents and deliver the utmost in customer service.

 Vertically Integrated

 Highly Bioavailable Carotenoids

 Research and Development

 Unique Patents

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Upcoming Events

ICS Utah 2014

June 29 - July 4, 2014 Park City Utah

ICS is coming to Utah in 2014!

The conference will be very family-friendly, so bring yours! See Utah Activities to start planning a family vacation, or take advantage of our pre and post conference trips under Conference Activities. There will be child care available, as well as many on-site activities for family members of all ages. Public transportation is available for activities all over Park City, including shopping both at Park City's Historic Main Street and a huge nearby designer outlet mall.

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Macular Carotenoids Conference 2013

  • Carotenoid Benefits

    Industrial Orgánica processes carotenoids obtained only from natural sources. These carotenoids are refined in order to obtain them as pure compounds. Through dedicated R&D we have been able to modify and convert them into derivatives that are more efficient, more bioavailable and more stable. All of this has enabled us to be leaders in natural carotenoid development for the poultry industry and aquaculture and human consumption applications.





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  • We have obtained several patents in the U.S. and major markets of the world, including:

      Isomerization of Lutein into Zeaxanthin

      Zeaxanthin derivatives

      Process for 3’ Epilutein extracted from Marigold flowers

      Highly purified concentrates of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Capsanthin for Nutraceuticals

      Highly bioavailable Zeaxanthin for broilers, hens, crustaceans and fish

      Absorption and bioavailabilty of carotenoids, formulations and applications

      Several other processes and applications that have yet to be introduced


  • We believe competitive advantages are achieved only through research and development as part of today’s economy. Therefore, we invest a high percentage of our income to in-house research and work with several universities worldwide on specific projects.

    Our research and scientific associates work every day to develop more efficient products with higher bioavailability at lower costs. All of our efforts and dedication has led us to produce state of the art technologies in our field.

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