The Science

Research and Development

We believe competitive advantages are achieved only through research and development as part of today’s economy. Therefore, we invest a high percentage of our income to in-house research and work with several universities worldwide on specific projects. Our carotenoid formulas have been selected for major European research projects (European Research Council, CREST Study), where they have demonstrated major improvements in visual performance in healthy individuals and in patients with AMD.

Our research and scientific associates work every day to develop more efficient products with higher bioavailability at lower costs. We are currently supporting and participating in research projects with esteemed academic institutions across the world including: Nutrition Research Centre, Ireland; Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland; Duke Eye Center, USA, and Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico. All of our efforts and dedication has led us to produce state-of-the-art technologies in our field.

IOSA are proud to be a diamond sponsor of the International Brain and Ocular Nutrition Conference 

Quality is Assured

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Our carotenoids are produced under the strictest quality standards: Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP, ISO, HACCP, FSSC 22000, Kosher and Halal) from the optimization of seeds and plants, to cultivation methods, fertilization and manual harvesting of flowers and peppers. These processes are followed by a gentle dehydration. Then, our meals are extracted and oleoresins obtained are saponified and isomerized, followed by stabilization and standardization. The final products are packaged and distributed.

Our singular processing is unique, allowing us to produce highly bioavailable and stable carotenoids that are superior in quality, resulting in lower costs to our customers.

As one of the most capable within the industry, our technical and service department strives to offer premium services to our customers in the field and processing plants.

Unique Patents

We have obtained several patents in the U.S. and major markets of the world, including:

Unique Patents
Process for the isomerization of Lutein
Short Chain Diesters and process for makingthe same
Broiler skin and egg yolk pigmentation by using saponified Marigold extract with a high content of Zeaxanthin
Process for obtaining 3’-EpiLutein
A process to obtain xanthophylls concentrates of high purity
Absorption and bioavailability of carotenoids, formulations, and applications
Method for increasing the health condition of Crustaceans in aquaculture
Compositions and applications of Carotenoids ofImproved Absorption and Bioavailability